Thursday, 18 April 2013

On Your Marks..Get Set..SEW!

Currently on our TV screens is another reality competition TV show. But not your usual singing competition that has dominated the TV schedule for so long, oh no, this is a sewing competition. Oh the joy! That exclamation mark is completely valid, I have to say 'I love it'.

Image source: The Mirror  

The BBC is airing The Great British Sewing Bee on a Monday night, much likely due to the success of The Great British Bake Off. Wouldn't the WI be proud?

Like any other competition format, the contestants are set a series of challenges, judged and eliminated with the final contestant adorned the winner. Challenges have included (up to episode 2, sorry I need to catch up on the current episode 3):
  • Sew an A-line skirt
  • Customise a shirt 
  • Create (and design) a made to measure dress
  • Sew a pair of mens trousers
  • Customise a skirt with the addition of pockets
  • Create (and design) a made to measure shirt
The show is brilliant at explaining patterns, how the pattern pieces fit together and specific styling details. I chuckled at the contestants struggling with the fly construction (I remember suffering with this at Uni) and the waistband seam on Mens trousers (my stint as a Menswear garment tech really have taught me a lot). Choice of fabric is highlighted and print placement as other important factors when contrusting a garment.

Image source: sewaholic

Basically, I watch this programme and almost feel like I'm at work (minus the sewing machine) and find it incredibly enjoyable. I have learnt from watching, that I truely love my job and that I miss the creative process and speed of sewing.

I would love to give sewing clothes another bash. My only hindrance being that I'll want a technical sheet for every fabric I choose! You just can't take the tech (or geek, I forget which one) out of the girl.

P.S Hopefully people will develop a new found appreciation of clothing and how it's made from this programme.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sir Pugsalott Comes to Form

I've been off work ill the last two days and have hated not being kept busy. After numerous lemon and ginger teas and season 7 of The Simpsons I started to get a little bored (of the repetition, not The Simpsons).

I dug out my last knitting project, found a new drama Broadchurch (a fantastic detective programme my mum would be proud of) and made another lemon and ginger tea. With supplies in place I got to work. 

Say 'hello' to Sir Pugsalott. 


And, because she's amazing I had to include the inspiration. Doesn't she look happy?

Note to Catherine: I'd rather poke my eye with a rusty fork than watch Jeremy Kyle.