Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fix It

With much excitement, I have just discovered the Textile Toolbox
Textile Toolbox is the TED’s web platform project with MISTRA, that in their words is aimed at creating systemic change within the fashion industry through ‘interconnected design thinking and processes for sustainable textiles and fashion’

Stuffed with articles from the industry’s greatest thinkers across a variety of disciplines, this website is a goldmine for discovering new ideas. The articles and posts will form a basis of a report due to be published this year (so watch this space).

Below is a list of the disciplines covered on the website: 
  • Design to Minimise Waste 
  • Design for Cyclability 
  • Design to Reduce Chemical Impacts 
  • Design to Reduce Energy & Water Use 
  • Design that Explores Clean/Better Technologies 
  • Design that Looks at Models from History & Nature 
  • Design for Ethical Production 
  • Design to Reduce the Need to Consume 
  • Design to Dematerialise & Develop Systems & Services 
  • Design Activism

Swing on by, have a read and feel inspired.

Image source:Textile Toolbox

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