Thursday, 28 February 2013

And the Winner Is…you?

The Observer Ethical Awards, in association with Ecover, are seeking out the initiatives, campaign and people that promote living and acting sustainability. Held annually the awards draw attention to those businesses and projects that make ethical living accessible while also highlighting the younger members in our society determined to make the world a better place for theirs and future generations.

There are up to 10 award categories that celebrate all areas of sustainable living including retailer, travel, arts and culture and campaigner to name a few. (For the full list of the award categories visit The Guardian website). There are two categories that particularly caught my attention: Ecover Young Green Champion and the Well Dressed Award.

Ecover Young Green Champion

Under 18’s have brilliant ethical ideas and this award is their chance to let everyone know about them. Previous winning ideas have include Fact Fashion that provoke thought through informative slogans on clothing, Savvy BOB Box  promotes indigenous wildlife and the entrepreneurial The Recyclists have created a business by recycling for others on their bikes.

Ethical and sustainable living is creeping into the curriculum more and more making children very aware of the pressures on our planet. Are you, your children or your pupils engaged in such an ethical project? The awards are offering youngsters a chance of winning £6000 to help fund their project.

Not only will the award honour the Young Green Champion, but teachers, parents or Youth Group Leaders also have the chance to be recognised. By offering encouragement and support to their Champions to enter, the nominator could win a three night stay in The Coppice Woodland in Hertfordshire.

Kids have fantastic imaginations making their ideas original and we should encourage them as much as possible. This award is certainly one to watch. I am slightly gutted I never got a chance to enter when I was a youngster.

Well Dressed

Teaming up with the FruGal Challenge this award is looking for someone who lives and breaths sustainable fashion and style. Sustainable fashion can be identified in many ways. Be you a vintage queen, a frequent swisher, an ethical label seeker, a home-made goddess, a made-do-and-mend fairy or a hand-me-down hunter you have the ability to put your ethics before you style yet still turn out the belle of the ball. Good on you.

Simply submit a picture in your favourite outfit along with the story behind it. You could officially be crowned the belle of the ball.

Get involved

Feeling inspired? The deadline for the Young Green Champion Award is 22 March so get your socks on kids and adults get your encouragement on! 

For a splash of inspiration I leave you with the young winners from 2012 while I have a rummage through my wardrobe for my best sustainable outfit. 

P.S. Tim Burgess is on the judging panel this year. How cool is that? 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What Are Friends For?

...Good birthday presents, right?

I arrived at my desk this morning to a yellow giffy bag with a feminine handwritten address I recognised, 'it's Emma,' I thought. My birthday being 4 days away I knew it was present time. Woooooooop.

My usual caffine essential, tea was to be put on hold as I tore the bag open to uncover a beautifully scarf wrapped (note the sustainable packaging) present.


Being quite the conscious consumer it's fabulous to receive a gift that truely fits my taste and (geeky) interests. Emma had skillfully selected a war time re-print of Make Do and Mend to satisfy my clothing care interest, Mini Eggs to satisfy my mid-work hunger pangs (and my work pals) and lippy to satisfy my...ego (?) or at least make me look good. Lets not forget the vintage scarf that wrapped the contents. Good works Ems, I love it all.

Below are some snaps from the Make Do and Mend booklet. I particularly like point 3 in the first photo. This really does make a difference. My brother still chooses to ignore me.