Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Anyone Fancy a Vintage Shopping Challenge?

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) have partnered with both M&S and Oxfam to launch London’s first Sustainable Fashion Lab. Set in the backdrop of the ultra cool and creative Truman Brewery in London’s East End (just off Brick Lane) the Lab will launch tomorrow and run for 2 weeks:

26 April – 9 May 2012
10am-5pm every day (except Mondays)
Open to the public, for entry bring along one item of unwanted clothing.

Image source: CSF, Michelle Lowe-Holder and Noel Stewart

Today CSF have set their first challenge: M&S Heirloom Challenge this Friday at Dray Walk 3pm. The challenge is simple, you get given £25 to hunt out a beautiful, vintage M&S garment over the weekend. Less of a challenge, more of a treat in my eyes (I’ve managed to collect quite a few St. Michael garments through scouring the charity shop rails).  You will, of course, be expected to hand over your find to the Lab to be placed into an exhibition (along with your name). Your chosen garment may also be selected for inclusion in the M&S archive.

Image source: Mike McSharry

I wonder what the purpose in creating the M&S archive is: potential design inspiration? Quality and performance research? Consumer care habits?

Sound like the perfect challenge for you? Well, the only hitch is that you need to be available on Friday 26th and Monday 29th (unfortunate if you are full-timers, like myself). If you’ve the time to spare, be quick there are limited spaces: click the above M&S Heirloom Challenge link to find out how to enter.

Happy shopping (never thought I would ever say that!)

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