Saturday, 17 April 2010

TK Maxx want your Clothes. But what for?

What are TK maxx up to? I can’t really understand their new campaign ‘Give up your clothes, for good which runs from 5th to 25th April. The website says very little, simply to donate your clothes in your local TK Maxx store. There are also links to Cancer Research and Enable Ireland as well as a sultry picture of Jade Jagger along with a quote from her. There is really little information, which I must say bugs me. Why should you donate through TK Maxx? What will happen to the clothes? Will they be sold in charity shops? Or upcycled to be sold in store and charity shops?

With such a lack of information I wouldn’t want to donate my clothes to TK Maxx, what’s so difficult about donating your clothes straight to the charity anyway? Why do you need a middle man? Especially a middle man that is a corporate retailer.

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