Saturday, 17 September 2011

Plenty more Fashion Articles, Please

Back in Janurary I emailed The Ecologist firstly to invite them to MA Fashion and the Environment's graduate showcase (2011) and secondly to encourage them to write more sustainable fashion articles along with possible stories. I received a lovely email back saying that the new editor was keen to cover more fashion and beauty stories on the website. I didnt see much for a while, but success: lots of fashion related articles have been posted on The Ecologist's website. Hurray I hear you cry (or I do anyway).

There are some really interesting articles that I think are worth a good read:

Safia Minney: fashion's impact on the earth - The People Tree founder discusses the environmental damage caused by fasion.

Inside the London College of Fashion's eco-hub - Celebrating the wonderful Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

The ecological guide to Estethica - celebrating it's fifth year at London Fashion Week.

Source: The Ecologist

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