Friday, 4 November 2011

Future Fabrics Expo

I was so excited to receive an invite to the Future Fabrics Expo. It looks like a brilliant event and its free! Take a look:

The only problem, its on a working day. I printed the invite and presented it to my manager proudly, advertising it as a great opportunity to discover new developments for technologists and designers alike. 'Brilliant,' she said 'I'll send Mandy (name changed for legal reasons, but our fabric technologist).' I must admit I was miffed. I wanted to go. Everyone please wallow in my sadness, especially as I wont be able to cover it on my blog :(


  1. Hi Katie, hope you'll get to make it to this year's Future Fabrics Expo we would love you to cover it on your blog! Get in touch and register at - The Sustainable Angle

  2. I am going! I just blogged an update, what timing.